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Drawing Prompts For Kids 

A beautiful Wild Man is swept through many seasonal-themed wildernesses on a search for healing. An evil queen and a majestic deer call him from his true love: a woman whose body morphs with the seasons. Wild Man is an allegorical fable, employing evocative prose and picturesque seasonal imagery to create an emotionally realistic universe and give us lessons on life, love, pain, and joy.

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The Haunting of
Bonneville Manor

A Historical Paranormal Mystery

For Middle-Grade Readers

A young girl's summer prospects look bleak as her father moves her into a dilapidated manor in the English countryside, then takes off for India. But a strange and terrifying apparition takes her back in time to World War 1, when the manor was home to several lonely children, sent by their parents away from the city to protect them from the war. But one will stop at nothing- even murder- if she doesn't get her way.
Ava finds herself increasingly compelled by the children around her, including the plight of one orphaned boy. Even though she needs to figure out a way to get back home to her father and brother in 1998, it seems the fate of a boy's soul is in her hands.


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