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Press Focusing on Books of the Dark, Fantastic, and Macabre

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Thugs have butchered Eric's sickly wife and two children. They've burned down his bakery and left him physically disfigured- and insane. He's cooked up some custom-made weapons, a black belt in martial tarts, and is on the hunt for sweet revenge.

EGGBEATER is working his way up to the top tier of the local gang responsible for ruining his life- one brutal murder and pun at a time!

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About Ali Lauderdale

Ali is  an author, editor, and voice actress.

She grew up in Colorado and has been writing and reading most of her life.

As a child, she wrote books on post-it notes and shared them around her grandmother's office. She also read books under the covers with a flashlight when she should have been asleep.

Now, she lives in Florida, self-publishes novels and comics, and is still a night owl.

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